A European IST Network of Excellence

The Network of Excellence e-Photon/ONe+ aims at integrating and focusing the rich know-how available in Europe on optical communication and networks, both in universities and in research centres of major telecom manufacturers and operators. This project built upon the experience gained within the previous NoE e-Photon/ONe, funded within the 1st IST call of FP6. The set of expertises available in the NoE ranges from optical technologies to networking devices, network architectures and protocols, new services fostered by photonic technologies. The NoE contributes to the Strategic Objective 'Broadband for All', with specific focus on low cost access and edge network equipment, for a range of technologies, including optical fiber, on new concepts for network management, control and protocols, and on increased bandwidth capacity, in the access network as well in the underlying optical core/metro network, including in particular optical burst and packet switching. The main technical aim of the e-Photon/ONe+ is to demonstrate and spread awareness of the potential advantages of optical technologies with respect to electronic technologies in both telecom networks and customer-controlled grids. The focus includes both incrementally improving and emerging optical technologies. In a joint effort, the participants to the NoE will work towards a consensus on the engineering choices for the deployment of cost-effective optical technologies as the foundation for the future Internet, with the strong intention to provide valuable inputs to the standardization bodies and guidelines to the operators, as well as competitive feedback to European telecom equipment manufacturers.

The Network of Excellence (NoE) e-Photon/ONe+, is funded by the European Commission, focuses on the 'Broadband for All' strategic objective of the IST 4th call of FP6, targeting network-oriented and system-oriented aspects of the optically enabled broadband. The project has been built upon the experience gained within the previous NoE e-Photon/ONe, funded within the IST 1st call of FP6. The NoE consortium is composed by 40 partners coming from Turkey to Portugal, and integrates academic and industrial partners, including major system companies, important device manufacturers and European telecommunication operators. The project co-ordinator is Politecnico di Torino. The laboaraty has been active in OBS research developing new assembly algorithms for TCP over OBS networks and developed a new strategy for avoiding synchronization between the different assembling sources. The lab has been also active in designing novel QD-SOA based packet/burst switches as well as multi-wavelength optical buffers.

Photonic Lab was coordinating Virtual Department on Optical Switching Systems.

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